Electrical Neuroimaging
Groupe d'Imagerie Electrique


    Founded in 2004 at Geneva University (UNIGE) and Geneva University Hospital (HUG) the Electrical Neuroimaging Group works on the development of methods and models for the study of the bio-electro-magnetic activity of the human body and the decoding of the information contained on available electrophysiological signals .

In particular we work on data collected at our own facilities or from different national and international collaborators namely:

- EEG signals recorded in humans

- Multiunit activity recorded in monkeys and

- Local Field Potentials recorded in patients and monkeys.

As for the methods we are focused on the development of methods to deal with multivariate spatio temporal time series as:

- Short EEG windows as used for the Single Trial anlysis

- Analysis of short non stationary signals in the time and the spectral domain.

- Development of methods for the non invasive estimation of the activity inside the brain.

- Conectivity analysis using scalp measured data, intracranial recordings or Local Field Potentials non invasively estimated from the EEG.

- Multivariate pattern recognition techniques.

The current list of the assets of the ENG includes:

- Proposal of several linear inverse solutions (LAURA, EPIFOCUS, ELECTRA, WROP, ANA) for the estimation of the activity inside the brain and methods for their evaluation.

- Development of the only method available (ELECTRA) for the non invasive estimation of Local Field Potentials (LFP) using external EEG measurements (link here).

- First proposal for the use of inverse solutions for BCI at both the Swiss national level and the international level.

- Development of online EEG analysis methods for Neuro-Rehabilitation and efficient (asynchronous) Brain Computer Interface to control a wheel chair using brain waves.

- First proposal of single trial time frequency analysis of pre stimulus state and correlation with       behavior using noninvasive LFP estimated with ELECTRA (link-here).

- First work on mind reading using inverse solution on single trials. Decoding of visual percepts using 500 ms EEG windows and LFP estimated with ELECTRA (link-here)

- Description of the role of very high (>100) frequency oscillations in healthy subjects (link-here)

- Single trial time frequency analysis of emotional states in monkeys and humans. Identification of the image valence using intracranial data measured in monkey or inverse solutions estimates in healthy subjects.  

- Identification of the mechanisms of conscious perception and its disturbances in a blindsight patient using non invasive Local Field Potentials.

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                                            SUPERVISION / CONSULTING

The Electrical Neuroimaging Group offers consulting and supervision services for private and public institutions on the following topics:

- Analysis of electrophysiological signals (electroencephalogram EEG, electrocorticogram EcoG, Local field Potentials LFP, Single Unit Activity SUA, Multiple Unit Activity MUA, Skin Conductance, Electrocardiogram EKG, etc).

- Development and implementation of realistic head models (MRI based) for source localization in  patients, single subjects (e.g. Epileptic focus localization, blindsight, etc) or Average Evoked Potentials (event related potentials).

Real time EEG analysis for Brain Computer Interfaces and Neurorehabilitation.

- Development and Implementation of Brain Connectivity methods.

- Functional activation images based on non invasive estimation of local field potentials (ELECTRA) and multivariate pattern recognition methods.

The members of our group have a long tradition and experience supervising / training / teaching different groups and individuals as for example:

- Lemanic Neuroscience Program (Ph. D and Master programs)

- Christoph M. Michel and the Functional Brain Mapping Lab.

- Several Ph.D students and Post-Doc's e.g. O. Blanke, M. Murray, S. Morand, etc.

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